About Chris Bostock

Chris Bostock has performed, recorded and written with Dave Stewart, JoBoxers, Subway Sect, The Style Council, Spear of Destiny, Sandie Shaw, Shakespears sister.

His compositions include Just Got Lucky that made the UK Top 10 and the US Top 40 and was featured in the movies ‘The 40-Year-Old Virgin’ and ‘Just My Luck’.

Chris has toured extensively in the UK, Europe, the US and Australasia and produced albums for EMI and BMG.

Chris’s main instrument is bass with backing vocals, but he also plays keyboards on a number of recordings.

Recent activities are the successful JoBoxers 2022 UK tour of festivals and clubs and the Subway Sect album ‘Moments like These’, produced by Mick Jones.


Our JoBoxers summer 2022 tour of festivals and clubs was a huge success and coincided with the re-release of the ‘best of’ CD Essential Boxerbeat. Our debut album Like Gangbusters was then released in April 2023 on red vinyl for Record Store Day. We are hopeful of more touring in the future.

Subway Sect

2021 saw the release of our Subway Sect album Moments Like These produced by Mick Jones from The Clash/Big Audio Dynamite who was inspirational to work with. This followed two tours of the UK after Club Left 2014 & 2016 with a revived ‘Club Left’ lineup of Subway Sect. In 2020, we released an expanded edition of our debut 1982 album Songs for Sale.

Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys

Dave Stewart & the Spirtual Cowboys was formed in 1990 after the Eurythmics when Dave invited me to join him in LA to form a new group, the Spiritual Cowboys, which resulted in two gold albums in France and extensive touring in Europe with a lineup that included Martin Chambers from The Pretenders and John Turnbull from The Blockheads. During this period, I had the good fortune of spending a whole night jamming with my hero George Harrison.  

The Style Council

After the disolution of The Jam, I was invited by Paul Weller to play on the Style Council’s new concept album that would become Café Bleu. Both The Style Council and JoBoxers were moving in the same musical directions at that time with singles also released at the same time. Me and Dig’s composition ‘Just Got Lucky’, was Top Ten in the UK charts.

Spear of Destiny

In 1988 I was drafted for the Spear of Destiny The Price You Pay album and touring, culminating in a  televised ‘best of’ concert and album CD at London’s The Forum. This was a really solid lineup that locked in well together.

Sandie Shaw

Growing up with so much ‘60s music really helped with the Sandie Shaw touring, recording, The Whistle Test and many other TV shows. Sandie had actually overlooked a couple of my favourite tracks of hers which we promptly revived.

The Flame

A little-known group but one I really enjoyed were The Flame that included Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson and Dave Winthrop from Secret Affair/Supertramp. We opened for The Eurythmics and The Beach Boys at Wembley, the NEC and Dublin’s The Point.